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Who We Are?

Some Things You Should Know About Us

TreeonZ Network is a social sector youth organization comprising of like-minded individuals with the vision to use the Arts to revolutionize the society. In this form of social order which is constantly perpetuated by negativity, it is only natural that people find solace in music, dance, painting, crafts and so on. TreeonZ uses exactly this universal language of the soul as catalyst to reach out to different strata of the society. By employing this very form of expressionism, TreeonZ aspires to reduce inequalities and foster growth.

What We Do

TreeonZ plays the role of a facilitator to social entrepreneurs, musicians, peacemakers, artists and in fact anyone who wants to make a difference today. We believe change in society can only come through the mobilization of individuals, since it is only the people who can help people.


Creating a platform for individuals, artists, peacemakers, communities and organizations to channelize their ideas.


Collective networking across the globe with similar agencies having similar visions.


Promoting international peace and relations.


Making change right from the micro level to make a macro impact.

Our Vision



TreeonZ actively collaborates with various ARTISTS,BANDS & MUSICIANS who are looking for a platform to make a strong social impact and to bring in awareness on challenges like women empowerment, international peace, human rights, environmental Issues etc.


The easiest way of learning comes from the most creativity, innovation and self thought, quite contrary to the rote learning process in India. TreeonZ focuses on Education through Art, which not only leads to better understating, but also stronger retention. Through the power of art we address some of the much needed social issues by initiating curriculum based projects in Government and International schools. The aim is to promote real time exchange of global art and culture.


We use Entertainment and Education as the means to an end, that being enlightening each and every person in the society about the reality of our living. TreeonZ not only ensures that people know the situation of our country in light of social evils today, but also empowers them and spreads the message that it is they who can make a difference.

Our Projects

Have a look at our work till now


    Kiriaka is a Swedish samba-reggae band that promotes international peace and advocates equality of all through music. Addressing issues like gender equality , women empowerment and empowerment of the LGBT community, Kiriaka is the living example of practicing what they preach by having 26 women artists and 1 transgender activist out of the 35 member group that they are. Kiriaka’s tour in India (Dec 28th 2014 – 10th Jan 2015) largely involved performing in Government schools, LGBT rallies, performing for the illiterate youth in addition to playing for the regular crowd and spreading messages of empowerment by addressing the media.


    Organized first ever Rock Festival in Mysore to drive the youth of Mysore and other cities in India. Total number of participating bands: 35, Total people turnout: 75,000


    Spiritual nu-roots. Concious lyrics. Expansive sounds. These are the unique elements that make up Markandeya, from Gothenberg Sweden, Markandeya began his global vision over a decade ago as the founder of the eight piece orchestra Kultiration. Markandeya shares uplifting and life-affirming music with real narratives and songs full of meaning and spirit. Markandeya performed in various venues in Bangalore.


    Treeonz was invited by the Cultural department of Sweden from 31st July to August 17th for a cultural exchange program. The team portrayed Indian musical and dance forms, thereby successfully imparting an extensive knowledge of Indian culture to Sweden with the help of our International Music partners Kiriaka, Bellaroush and We Hide You Seek and Massive Vibe. TreeonZ got the opportunity to interact with alcohol and drug addicts and differently abled youth in addition to the cultural exchange program.

Meet The Team

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Subhash N H

Co - Founder - Strategy and Marketing

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Arun Sivag

Co - Founder - Operations and Innovation

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Kruthika Swaminathan


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